Oxygenbay™ benefits
« Turnkey » quality website development
Quick and easy, no knowledge required
Full customization with your logo, your photos, your texts
Choose your design among sumptuous design models !
Create your own personal
web pages
Optimized listing of your website in search engines
Everything is included ! Hosting and domain name
Permanent software updates and online support
Secure online administration
All Oxygenbay
are compliants
with the
devices !
Maximum visibility !
When you create a website with Oxygenbay packs, your website is visible from all mobile phones Apple® iPhone®, Microsoft Windows® Phone, Androïd®, ...
and all Internet      
tablets, iPad® !...               
Frequently asked questions
You will find below an answer to the key questions you can ask. If you do not find an answer to your question, please contact us, our team will answer as soon as possible !
1 - Once I bought my pack, how long after am I able to create my site ?
Immediately ! All the features of your pack are operational when it is in service. You can immediately create your website !
2 - When does my subscription begin ?
Your subscription begins precisely when your pack is activated. You will receive an email with all the needed informations to connect to your website and start customizing it.
3 - What is happening at the end of the subscription ?
At the end of your subscription, you can renew your pack or stop your subscription. All the data (texts, images, ...) of your website are preserved unless you want that we permanently delete it. Data preservation is a huge advantage that will allow you to get your website up again, instantly, whenever you want !
4 - I have no programming knowledge, will I be able to create my own website ?
No programming knowledge is required to build its website with an Oxygenbay pack ! It is very easy to build your own pages with your own texts and photos. A powerfull help assistant is available each time you need help ! Just ask, it shows you how to do ! An email support is also available to answer any question you may have.
5 - I have no picture of the logo of my company, or the photo I have has poor quality... Is this a problem ?
Customizing your logo is one of the benefits included in your Oxygenbay pack. Our design team can perform the necessary modifications to your logo to be properly integrated into your website.
For other graphic work or adaptation, you can contact us to receive a quote. Image editing is very affordable and can be done quickly ! In all cases, a quotation will be sent to you.
6 - How do I choose the design model of my website ?
Upon the setup of your pack you will receive an email containing your login codes to the Oxygenbay administration interface. You can then, via the administration interface, simply choose your design model among many models availables. Once you made your choice, our team of designers install the desigh model files that you have chosen ( the operation takes 2 to 4 days ). In the meantime you can start customizing your website ! All the modifications ( logo, texts, images, ...) that you make to your website will be kept ! After the work of our technical team, you will be able to admire your website with the design model that you have chosen !
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